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We are a Berlin-based independent collective of creators focused on technology, visual art

and music.

We love experimenting within the field of perception,

constantly searching for new forms of creative expression.We create meaningful works merging art, design and technology.

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We organise and produce multidisciplinary events such as a/v performances, exhibitions, installations and workshops in one of the most creative spots in Europe. Our aim is to build a creative hub, where artists from all over the world can expose their own works and researches.

Media Art

We produce media art, providing a service of software development for audio visual production.


We experiment in the field of cutting-edge artificial intelligence and algorithmic development, providing services of tutoring and immersive workshops.

Event Management

We follow and curate the production of multi-disciplinary, both physical and virtual experiences and performances. 

What we do

Co-founder / Art Director
De Angelis

With a background in music production, Alessandro works and directs all the projects, defining the vision and art direction of the studio.

Co-founder / Media Artist

Specialized in media art and digital technology, Marco works on technical and creative aspects of projects by prototyping software and leading the development team of experts.

Visual Designer / Consultant

With a background in graphic and visual design, Sabrina curates all the aspects related to visual communication. 

Business Project Manager

With an interprofessional background in Audiovisual and Business Management, Zuheir ensures the development and implementation of strategies to help Anecoica build influence and impact.

Event manager / Producer


Di Fede

Specialized in marketing, booking, communication, coordination and networking, Lilith works on the production of our events, with particular attention to proposing innovative and inclusive programs.

Artist Manager / Producer



With various experiences in customer service and artist management, Justin supports coordinating events and leads the management of our various artists.

We are a team of Berlin-based creatives, highly  passionate about music, art and technology, experimenting within different fields to create unique projects.

Our Team