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Media Art collective exhibition as part of the Vorspiel Festival 2022.

As part of the Vorspiel Festival 2022 a city wide program of events be- fore and during Tansmediale and CTM Festival, Anecoica Studio presents Anthropocene.


A collective exhibition of selected artworks, created to highlight the dynamics of the relationship between humans, nature, and technology and how the latter is transforming us and shaping a new era based on intelligent autonomous systems.

The Anthropocene is the age of humankind, where the Anthropos - the human being - intervenes on the Earth’s system unprecedentedly. Tech- nical inventions and the way they operate have shaped social interaction in a completely new and different way putting their relationship with the environment to the test.

The increasing intensity, severity, and frequency of environmental-eco- logical disasters in the last decades have brought greater urgency in dis- cussions surrounding climate change, environmental justice, and the Anthropocene. Today, we see the whole world of science focusing on ex- ploring these themes, analyzing vast amounts of collected data, calculat- ing models, and giving us a key to understanding the present and future through computer science and mathematics.

Anecoica Studio / Federico Foderaro / Kesson / PX / Hala Ghatasheh / Chantal Matar

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