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SILENO is an audiovisual work that combines the roles of a meta mirror and a digital oracle to create a one-of-a-kind journey of self-reflection.

SILENO serves as a digital oracle, leveraging the potential of artificial intelligence to deliver insights beyond simple replies. Unlike traditional oracles, which provide fixed results, SILENO introduces doubt and challenges preconceptions, taking users through an examination of their own existential issues.


The installation becomes a conduit for wisdom, relying on its enormous knowledge to encourage introspection and contemplation. 

 By combining a meta mirror and a digital oracle, SILENO offers a dynamic platform for users to confront their own difficulties. The installation's aural elements have been deliberately crafted to enhance this multidimensional experience, providing a synesthetic setting that heightens the impact of the reflecting and oracular interactions. SILENO allows individuals to engage on a transformative journey in which the boundaries between self and machine dissolve in the pursuit of profound self-discovery.


AUGE NEXT will engage youths and creatives to navigate the challenges of the future of Europe in the time of pandemics, climate change, digital transitions, economic transformation, and war. The project aims to explore current living, learning, and working environments from the perspective of four European countries: Latvia, Germany, Italy and Greece.


With a Europe-wide inclusion and outreach. Youths and emerging artists will be involved in co-creation programmes to build communities through the Artathon (Nov. 22), which will be simultaneously organised in the partner cities of Milan, Riga, Berlin and Athens. Afterwards, participants will learn to develop innovative languages and perspectives (data, AI, VR) in capacity-building WEBINARS, apply to an interconnected Fellowship programme (2022-23), and co-create digital artworks (2023-24) that seek to raise awareness around the urgent issues that shape Europe’s connected future. The resulting work will be presented in exhibitions (2024) in Milan, Riga, Berlin and Athens, and at a joint final hybrid event (2024) in Milan.




Credits for the SILENO AUGE NEXT – Augmented Europe | Next Challenges project:

SILENO AUGE NEXT – Augmented Europe | Next Challenges is a project co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme by the European Union.

Themes addressed:
- Diversity and social inclusion - MEET Digital Culture Center, Milan, Italy
- Climate change - RIXC - The Center for New Media Culture, Riga, Latvia
- Future jobs - ADAF - Athens Digital Arts Festival, Athens, Greece
- Nature, Data, Narratives - Public Art Lab, Berlin, Germany

Anecoica Studio:
- MARCO ACCARDI: art concept, software engineering, research
- SABRINA PIPPA: communication and design
- ALESSANDRO DE ANGELIS: project management
- GABRIELE SCALICI: AI engineering
- GIOVANNI MUZIO: AI engineering, creative coding



Artists’ Residency which started in December 2023 and will include a local exhibition in Berlin (20 January 2024 for Vorspiel/CTM/Transmediale) and a final presentation in Milan (23-26 May 2024 at MEET digital culture center)

Public Art Lab has chosen Anecoica Studio to sponsor and support the Sileno initiative through an art residency grant.

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