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θόρυβος [thorybos] is an AV Installation presented during the Berlin CTM Vorspiel Festival 2022.

θόρυβος [thorybos] means noise, uproar and racket. A work, inspired by the Günther Anders “Die Antiquiertheit des Menschen II: Über die Zerstörung des Lebens im Zeitalter der dritten industriellen Revolution.”, that interrogates the role of AI in the culture of information, through sonic textures, generative visual and poetry.

 A world in which the machine became the subject of history and humankind outdated. A dichotomous dimension, where noise and void play a symbolic role. The visual is composed of generative noise functions and how noise can be visually interpreted as a continuum of forces interacting and communicating with each other, to form hypnotic abstract patterns.

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