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Media Art Collective Exhibition.

In partnership with ITINERANT INTERLUDES, for one week, artists from different corners of the globe come together in the heart of Berlin to highlight, through their work and artistic research, how the era of incredible technological progress we live in has created a multitude of inter- connections between contemporary art, technology, and science.

A series of tales about perception, about what’s left for human emotions in this ever-changing digital landscape. An unknown space where sometimes we can all feel a bit lost, but where we can learn to be part of a greater universe filled with infinite possibilities.

On this occasion, Marco Martinez, an international artist from Chile, has been invited to present his audiovisual project “GEOMETRY OF SPORES” work that is at the heart of the whole initiative.

“Geometría de las Esporas” (Geometry of the Spores) was born from the concern of wanting to approach science through digital art in order to understand a world that appears to be different but in which the same questions about origin and transcendence possibly underlie.


Looking at the world of the spores, offers a cellular imaginary of geome- tries that permanently mutate as an essential act of their existence, expansion and colonization of new territories.




Anecoica Studio / Marco Martinez / Ivona Tau  / Rnd Studio / The Fractalogist  / Firat Erkus / Orville's Berlin

For the opening of “Anecoica Digital Art Meeting”, the artist teams up with Alessandro De Angelis for the performance “AURA”, as part of the series ITINERANT INTERLUDES,

accompanied by the artworks by Marco Martinez.

“AURA” is an audiovisual concert based on a re-interpretation of the magnetic field surrounding the human body. The ethereal, the physical and the emotional are part of a combination that opens multiple possibilities to explore our impulses and energies. Through sound design and digital art, “AURA” seeks to generate possible emotional states that connect us with perception and the body.

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